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KYOTU Technology impresses me most with their ability to quickly understand my business and product needs. They have built an MVP of our real estate property management software which now the KYOTU team is turning into a SaaS solution.

William Gottfried

William Gottfried

CEO at PropUp, Managing Partner at Old Three Hundred Capital

Austin, Texas

As a company offering personalized services to our clients, we set very high standards in terms of their implementation. Cooperation with Kyotu puts the clients and his individual needs first, proposing the best solutions for him.

Marcin Bużański

Marcin Bużański

Chief Network Officer at EonD

Clutch Review 5/5

Cooperation with Kyotu enabled us to create the world's first notification-based application that makes it easier to change the diet to plant-based.With the help of professionals from Kyotu the whole process was smooth and the ned result met our expectations.

Cezary Wyszyński

Cezary Wyszyński

CEO Viva Foundation

Clutch Review 5/5

I work with Kyotu since over 5 years. The team developed a custom platform to host Augmented Reality assets with CI/CD pipelines. Doing AR you need to design a flexible, federated infrastructure as usage differs in time and service is unevenly, geographically distributed. Kyotu was human-centric and attentive to perfect UX. Job well done!

Peter Bardadyn

Peter Bardadyn


Clutch Review 5/5

We have two exceptional project delivery models: Fixed Price and Time & Material. Our IT and software services are highly rated by clients in the USA and EU.
The project teams we build consist of 1 to 10 exceptionally talented individuals.

Our process is a hybrid of Agile and Waterfall, which makes it more efficient.


We ensure your solution
ideally fits user’s needs.


We ensure your solution
ideally fits user’s needs.


We ensure your solution
ideally fits user’s needs.


We ensure your solution
ideally fits user’s needs.


We ensure your solution
ideally fits user’s needs.

What we can do for you?

Are you looking for a website which is displayed smoothly in all possible browsers and compatible with all possible devices? You are in the right place. Let us make the software for your website as functional as possible, and stay ahead of the competition with cutting-edge digital solutions!

The best digital solutions are the ones that work almost invisibly. They don’t make users think, they smoothly guide users through the process path. And the path is... as seamless as if it wasn't even there. Our UX/UI team will ensure that your product provides the user with the right tools, and at the same time positive emotions.

System integration gives you a synergy effect due to the fact that you combine various components of your business into one complementary IT system. The simplest example? If you run an online store, but collect the analytical data of the store separately, you must manually update your inventory. What a waste of time! In this case, system integration gives you an online store integrated with an analytical tool, thanks to which the inventory levels update automatically. Thus, you save time and money.

DevSecOps is our work methodology. Sec stands for project security and extends DevOps – software development and its maintenance. In the IT world, you will meet the DevSecOps concept, while we are awarded with Sec, because we believe that the security of your product is the absolute basis of its success.

We understand that a successful product brings business benefits for you, and reliability for your clients. QA is this area of ​​quality management that ensures the quality requirements of the product are met. QA is not so much about testing solutions as answering the question of what to do to make the quality as high as possible. Simply speaking, our QA specialists will be quality promoters in your company and will manage product risk by preventing issues.

Get closer with your customers creating a functional, unique, and solid application. No matter if you don’t have all the details of the product. We will do research on the market and help you to launch the product successfully. On the way, we will be constantly testing and improving your app to suit your business and customer needs.

The Internet of Things will allow you to introduce a product to the market in the spirit of the most modern technologies. It does not matter if you already have a clear vision of the product or just a sketch of the idea − we will help you develop PoC as a demo for your potential customers, and finally introduce the finished product to the market.

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